More than just an organisation

OD is more than just an organisation to me. As a Chairperson in Committee Service, i hope that my fellow leader and i would be able to create a platform to give back to the society by Giving and Growing, No words is able to express that feeling when you have accomplise one com svc by one com svc and the smile you have given to the beneficary and eventually your volunteer too.

Jerry ( founder of OD) and my group of committee has always been there for me whenever I’ve needed, they stood by me when i was at the lowest of my life, cheer me up when i was the lowest of my life and cover my job scope of area while waiting for me to get back on my knees. 2 years was the duration, it wasn’t easy for them esp to able to cover addition scope as everyone is busying with school/work.

No matter what we called ourselves it really doesn’t matter, what matter is what really come out from your heart!

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